Skin inevitably gets uncomfortably dry every winter season

We live in a really cold area of the country, during the winter season the temperature drops to below zero degrees. Most of the time I don’t even leave the house unless I have to go to work. I am lucky that I am able to work from home and only have to go into the office when there is an important meeting going on. I have been in my house so much lately that I think I am going crazy. I called my mom the other day because my skin was getting so dry I didn’t know what to do about it. My mom suggested that I have a humidifier installed in with my regular HVAC system. She said they had a humidifier install in their home because she was having the same issues with extra dry skin during the winter time. My dad hopped on the phone and suggested that I call a local HVAC company to give me a quote on the humidifier so he could compare the price to what they paid for it. Once I called the HVAC company I realized that the humidifier would not cost nearly as much as I thought and it was the same price as what my parents paid. The HVAC company is going to come over early next week to install it! I can’t wait to no longer have dry skin in the winter time and now I won’t have to put on so much lotion on my skin everyday!

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