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It has been a truly busy month. I have been actually working 6 afternoons each week, trying to finish an immense task project. My crew plus I have been actually working in a building downtown… The current skyscraper is going to open on the first of next year. The skyscraper will be the third most sizable building in our state. My crew plus I have been busy installing access control systems on each and every floor plus every door. The immense insurance business has access to a large amount of social security numbers. They have personal plus medical information on hundreds of thousands of patients at any time. If the insurance business was ever to be hacked, a lot of folks could be the victim of identity theft. In order to prevent a devastating security breach, my crew plus I have been busily working on the access control system. Each floor has an access control panel. In order to enter, every person needs to swipe a badge plus enter a personal identification number. The fifth floor requires an additional degree of authentication, because all of the immense business files are kept on the fifth floor. The people I was with and I needed to install a biometric retina scanner at the door entrance, and only a dozen employees have access to the fifth floor. The people I was with and I still have a few more components to have installed, before the building is finally secure. My crew has been actually working a great deal all month, despite two major hurricanes plus a tropical storm. The people I was with and I are ahead of schedule right now, plus I would like to keep things that way. The people I was with and I often run into software or programming setbacks, however everything has been smooth sailing on this task thus far.

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