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Cheaper is not always better. A group of my friends and I wanted to go on a skiing trip this past winter. None of us had seen snow and we were tired of the tropical climate and the beach. Ski resort are extremely expensive and we wanted to spend as little as possible on our housing so we could have fun doing activities such as snowboarding, ice skating, and drinking hot chocolate. We were able to rent a cabin in the woods, a half an hour from the resort that could house all six of us. We purchased air mattresses and pillows because we knew there was only two beds, but we didn’t know there was no furnace or heat. We learned that the hard way when we walked into the cabin and found it was colder on the inside than it is was on the outside. We contacted the landlord and he told us that it said on the ad that heating was not provided. There wasn’t even a fireplace to keep us warm. Adding ductwork wasn’t an option because we were only staying a week, or ductless mini splits. We debating purchasing plug-in space heaters but they don’t heat the entire room.  We needed a portable wall heater that was freestanding, efficient, and not expensive. We drove around town for hours until we found a heating provider that had exactly what we were looking for. We wasted a day looking for this option and I told my friends, for our next vacation, we would not be stingy about how much we spend when it comes to housing.

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