Taking care of our heater

My kid decided this past year that he wanted to enter the world of dance competition.  I was less than glad about this, but he really wants to be a dance teacher when he gets older so I felt like this is something he needs to experience if this is really a dream he wants to pursue.  When the competition first started I expected things to be tied up and chaotic. What I didn’t expect however is for all the places where the team would be performing to have such unregulated temperature!  The dressing rooms where either over sizzling or freezing cold. The auditorium was constantly freezing, even when the adolescents were up on stage they would say that they felt so could it was hard for them to move.  How is this fantastic for anybody? Is it really that hard to set every zone to a certain temperature such as 70 and just leave it there? Also when you are going back and forth to such serious hot and cold temperatures that can’t be fantastic for the dancer or their muscles.  I think our kid says that when he is overly chilly he finds it honestly hard to do some of his tricks. This is something that the people running these dance competitions need to guess about. These are professional dancers these are adolescents who are just doing what they love.  They should be able to adore their passion in in a climate controlled setting.

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