Taking good care of our heater

It wasn’t simple, growing up in a small two bedroom Colonial home with a family of six. My mom and dad worked incredibly hard to make that humble little historic house into a comfortable home for us; they taught my brothers, sisters, and I to appreciate every little thing we had… I think that upbringing has paid my husband and I back in spades, as I’ve l received the skills to live with few utilities and appliances in my home. In fact, the only two critical appliances I need in my beach house are my refrigerator, and my heating and air conditioner unit… While the former isn’t a high-service appliance, I do have to take extra care of my gas boiler and central air conditioning plan to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. However aside from a semi-annual service visit from a heating and air conditioner service specialist, I make a point to change the air conditioning filter monthly. Not every two months, various months or more – monthly, because it’s the best thing I can do to keep the air circulation as trouble-free as possible. Aside from the furnace filter, I also make sure to sweep as much dust and dirt out of my beach home’s air duct as I can. It’s a tedious process, but it’s really worth doing to keep the beach house disinfected and full of fresh air. When my parents come to visit me, they typically praise myself and my hubby for living up to the lessons they gave my siblings and I when every all of us were teenagers. However, Mom and Dad also ask my hubby and I why we don’t simply open some windows while we’re experinecing warm season or beginning a fire in the fireplace when the winter months arrive; don’t we know these methods will save us money on our bills?  I typically tell them the same thing: “Why would my husband and I work so hard to keep our home’s heating and air conditioner plan in top shape, only to never use it?”

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