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    This year the heat has been unbearable. For several weeks in a row the temperature rose into nineties. Occasionally, a thunderstorm would pass through our area and provide temporary relief from the blistering hot sun. My husband and I welcomed the rain and cooler temperatures after the storms, but they were few and far between.  Last weekend we were way too hot because it was 96 degrees outside and our air conditioner wasn’t cooling our living area well enough. The A/C started making a loud noise and quit working when the temperature was 87 degrees in our apartment. We were both struggling financially because of medical bills and school loans, so we knew we weren’t prepared to buy a new air cooling system. We searched online for a used air conditioner that we could install in the window near the dining room. The asking prices on some of the most popular social networking sites were out of our range. I eventually found a 1200 BTU air conditioning unit. It was located over 35 miles away, but we were willing to pick it up.  We private messaged the seller and anxiously waited to find out if the air conditioner was still available. The seller reached out to us and confirmed that it was still for sale. Since the air conditioner unit seemed like such a good bargain, we rushed to see it. When we got home we plugged it in right away. It started right up and cooled our apartment down quickly. We were both happy with the air conditioner unit and felt that it was worth the trouble of driving the distance to buy it.

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