Taught me to be hardworking

My mom was an amazing woman, in addition to the fact that I’m sad to see her gone. She was 75 when she passed away, after working for her whole life in the heating in addition to air conditioning field. My mom was literally the very first woman in our town to donate a heating in addition to air conditioning uniform. In fact, even though my mom graduated in the top of her class, she had a very difficult time finding anyone to give her a chance. Most men in the area of believed that my mom was a weak woman in addition to there was no way she would be able to pick up air conditioners and sling furnaces just like the other guy. My mom taught them very quickly how much of a load of crap that was, when she could hold her own with any of those guys. My mom even really started her own heating and air conditioning repair business, and my brother-in-law is now in charge of that. My mom started a business that our whole family could be a part of, and we will keep the tradition live in addition to well for her. My mother was the most amazing woman, not because she was the first Heating in addition to air conditioning technician in our town, but because she taught my brother and addition to myself to always dream big and reach our goals. She was someone that every person could look up to and learn something from. I will miss her very very much.

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