That technology is just what we want

We have all wished for a bigger paycheck at one time or another.  I know that I have looked at my bank account at the end of the week and wondered where it all went.  There are some people, that even though they may deserve to get a raise, the company they work for may not be able to afford to give them a raise.  This was the situation with the company I worked for. They struggled to make ends meet. You can only imagine how surprised we all were when he announced that he was giving all of us a bonus.  We all sat around talking about when we began to put two and two together. Recently, they had invested in a new HVAC system. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system was fully automated.  We were a bit worried when we saw them ripping out all of the thermostats because we couldn’t figure out how they were going to control the temperature of the place. We were all pleasantly shocked to find out that it was more comfortable than it  had ever been inside. We were told that the new HVAC would improve our work area, but we hadn’t expected this. At a meeting, we were told that due to the savings the company accrued with the new automated HVAC system, they wanted to pass some of the savings on to their faithful employees.  They told us they had saved over thirty percent on their energy bills, from this year to last year. With that kind of savings, I am seriously considering putting an automated programmable thermostat in my home.

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