That was an enjoyable night

My best friend really needs to make some changes in her life. It’s not that she’s up to anything bad, so much as she’s just not up to… anything. This girl needs a life outside of her dogs, and that includes a new man. That’s why I helped her to set up a dating profile recently, in the hopes that we could find a desirable bachelor right in our own town. She was super skeptical at first, but then I showed her all of the cool filters you can use to select a romantic interest. It became clear within a few moments that she wanted a guy who could really use his hands. She needed a man’s man who would repair their home appliances and keep track of oil changes. That’s why I set a new filter option to select only for men in the HVAC industry. See, after thinking about it, I realized that a heating and cooling specialist was definitely the best option for my buddy. First of all, ventilation experts have to pass rigorous certification trainings and coursework, so they can’t be a total dummy. Next, any heating and cooling guy definitely knows how to use his hands and get down and dirty. They’re always feeling around in dank, dirty holes, and working tiny pieces of machinery into submission. Lastly, I may be making some assumptions here, but I assume they’re also very good at listening, considering how many different clients they go satisfy each day. Ventilation specialists seem like an all-in-one handyman and dreamboat to me, and what could make a better partner?