The air conditioning at our summer home is busted

Way back when our aunt & uncle had a home by the beach as a summertime home. Our family used to go there all the time, every single summer time when the people I was with and I were kids. It was a absolutely fun & relaxing time that the people I was with and I would look forward to every single year. I absolutely appreciated it along with our brothers & sisters! I do remember 1 summer time though there was this absolutely terrible storm that knocked out the power for a whole day & evening. This storm was possibly the worst I ever seen growing up. And with the power knocked out, so was the air conditioning! Now mind you, the air conditioning in the home was 1 of the early central air conditionings, so it was not care about what the people I was with and I have today. With the air conditioning being out, it made the entire home muggy, warm & just horrible! This was easily 1 of the only times I ever remember anything drawback in the summertime home. The people I was with and I ended up having to just suffer through it. This week, if this had happened, there may have been a power generator back up, or even a portable air conditioning plan that had something in it that could run on solar or batteries. But back then, if your power went out, your heating, ventilation, & A/C would go with it for certain, with no way to combat it. You just had to sit through it care about the people I was with and I did. I can say, that experience made me today as an adult get a power back up generator for our home’s heating plus air conditioning. And it came in handy a few times too!

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