The arts and air cleaners

I just Recently moved into a small apartment. The area is still actually cute, it just makes for tighter quarters & a lot less windows space. I didn’t know this would be a problem, until I was trying to get back to task on an oil painting I had started before moving in to my new home Even with the door to the studio room open, I was still getting lightheaded, but I couldn’t paint anywhere else in the apartment sadly! I particularly paint in this spare room so I can let the paintings dry in a room that is shut off from our pets. Though the room has central a/c, I’m hesitant to turn it up & run up our utility bill just to perhaps increase the overall air flow in that room. There wasn’t even a guarantee it would work. Finally, I asked a few fellow artist friends of mine, & they suggested I get an UV air purifier, however an air purification plan works to not only collect dust & pet hair, but it really works to remove terrible chemicals & pollutants from the air. I took care to buy an UV air purifier that uses several different filters. A charcoal filter & a HEPA air filter. The several filters task to both trap big particulates prefer pet dander & dirt, while the HEPA air filter has a goal to remove the finer contaminants from the air. This, with our central undefined running its proper amount, has made it so I can use our oil paints again without feeling prefer I’m choking on the fumes. A small apartment will not stop me from pursuing my passion!

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