The bakery HVAC equipment

I recently decided I wanted to open up my very own bakery in town. I got a sweet deal on a little brick building right in the middle of my town. The building was just finished plus I thought I had struck gold with this deal, but it was fools gold. It took myself and others signing the papers plus moving everything inside to realize why I had gotten it for so cheap. My bakery has no HVAC equipment. The building was all set up plus HVAC was right away hidden and forgotten. I never asked about heating plus cooling plus it was apparently in the contracts. Adding HVAC should be no biggie right? Nope, it is actually going to be a sizable pain in the butt getting temperature control. The brick building will not be honestly conducive to ductwork. Setting a ductless mini split is next to impossible since there has to be a hole in the wall. The brick would get ruined plus possibly wreck the structure of this building. So I am looking into more creative HVAC options. I guess I could get radiant heated floors. But, in order to get this furnace I would need to rip up the newly installed flooring. It would be very lavish plus I would only get heating with this system. What would I do for cooling? By this point it looks prefer big box fans or window AC is my only option. Whoever designed plus built the building clearly did not think about HVAC at all. Nobody will want to eat in a bakery that has no temperature control. So I need to get on this issue stat so I can get some new business.

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