the child working in HVAC

As a child everyone told me I had a entirely  bright future. I was on the varsity pigskin team as well as valedictorian of my private school. I was offered over multiple full ride scholarships. However, I turned them all down. I wasn’t ready to go off to university when I graduated. Many people thought that I was crazy for turning down these kinds of opportunities. They thought I was selfish for not taking the things I was given when multiple people weren’t offered anything at all. I live in a small city so word of me turning down the scholarship got around entirely  fast. However, I had a bigger system in mind. My father owns the only Heating as well as A/C contractor in our town. I wanted to learn all the tools of the trade so I could own the Heating as well as A/C contractor 1 day. I went to a vocational school as well as l acquired everything I possibly could about heating as well as cooling. Once I was done with my courses, my father hired me full time to run the operations of the Heating as well as A/C contractor. I enjoyed every minute of the toil as well as I was also working with my family which was another perk. It has been about fifteen years since then as well as I am the sole owner of the Heating as well as A/C contractor as well as all of us have about more than nine other Heating as well as A/C locations throughout the state. I am making more currency now than I would have if I went to university.   I assume that I made the right option back then as well as it shows today.