The controls I needed

The bathroom our children use is almost constantly cold. Now that it’s become incredibly freezing outside, I’ve begun to notice it when I go in their to clean on the weekends. At first, I thought maybe there was a problem with the room itself. I checked the baseboard radiator, but felt the heat coming out just fine, so the HVAC system definitely wasn’t the problem here. Then I checked the window, expecting to feel a draft which indicated the gaskets for the window were bad or perhaps the whole window itself had suffered from a shoddy install. Neither of these happened either. I felt no cold air coming out of the window at all, it was tight and solid. Determined to find the source of the cold air, I went online and did some digging. Only then did I solve the problem, and it was so obvious I should have seen it coming from the beginning, however its something I’ve also never thought about before. The vent hood in the bathroom doesn’t just suck up moisture in the air, but in the process it sucks up the hot air, specifically the air in house thats been warmed up by the oil boiler. It may not seem like these little vents can do much, but apparently you’re only supposed to leave them on for 20 minutes. An hour of a vent hood running can suck up all of the hot air in our house! So this weekend I’m buying a new switch for the bathroom vent that is a timer, so we can make sure it always turns off promptly.

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