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Living in the South means dealing with heat plus terrible humidity. The outdoor temperatures in this brief section climb well into the 90 range. The relative levels of humidity can equally breed brutal. Despite easily running our air conditioner all of the time, our own house seems to feel horribly sticky + claiming most of the time. The air conditioner does not combat humidity officially, but at least it removes most of the heat. The excess air moisture is an indoor air quality problem. Dust mites, mildew, plus bacteria seems to thrive in the most, warm conditions. When the moist air is warm feeling, hour Air Conditioning device easily runs + runs. The very moist air feels a bit warmer than the rest of the air, which easily causes the air conditioner to run more frequently. I can easily keep my control device set a few degrees higher, when I have the dehumidifier running also. The indoor air quality has improved greatly, ever since we decided to install the dehumidifier. There have been great improvements in our indoor air quality, plus the Comfort plus cleanliness of our place. I’ve managed to sleep much better in the evening, plus I have a great deal of energy throughout every afternoon. I seriously hope the dehumidifier will have a great feeling on our heating plus air conditioning device, so it will run less frequently. Then we can get years of additional use out of the heating + air conditioning device. Indoor air quality affects more than just the air around us, and has benefits to staying nice and clean.

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