the dry house and sinus issues

For my entire adult life, I have been perpetually plagued with awful sinuses. Well, maybe awful isn’t the right word, but whatever word describes a body section being prone to infection would be the best choice of words right now. For years, I’ve had to almost constantly carry a bottle of nasal spray on me at all times, which I would use if it were cold out, or if the weather felt especially dry! Either of these more than one things meant that I was about to get another sinus infection! Finally, after several years of living in a condo with overpowered air conditioners running all the time, I realized what’s very causing the issue! It’s not just the weather, but the excessive use of the cooling system idea that’s causing my sinuses to suffer. To combat this issue, I purchased a humidifier that is portable, in addition to can fit on the floor of my kitchen to provide warm, moist air to breathe in while I sleep. To further ensure that the condo is protected from airborne bacteria in addition to other illnesses, I also had an air purification idea installed to trap pollen in addition to bacteria, however using both of these systems together has helped substantially to improve the indoor air pollen levels of my home, in addition to it’s constantly a talking point with any of my guests when they visit. While I don’t mind bragging about my excellent indoor air pollen levels, I’m just thankful that the air no longer gives me sinus infections or intense pressure!

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