The evening weather is very cold

My mom is so totally devoted to her cats it’s a little much periodically.  But I am grateful she takes such fine care of each of them and attends to their every whim.  However, I worry when she gets a little out of hand. She has more than two right now, the single oldest is 12, the middle pet is 8, and her youngest is 2 and a half.  The eldest has two peculiar pet beds and so many special toys since she’s getting so old. The middle pet commandeered a chair that’s become his alone, and the youngest has so many varied toys it seems she truly is a child periodically. She even gave the youngest a kiddie pool to swim in, and her latest problem has been the heatwaves in this town. They’re getting worse and worse all of the time.  She’s uneasy that just a single setting for the Heating, Ventilation and A/C method isn’t enough. What if one single room of the condo gets too hot? What if they’re uncomfortable or the thermostat goes off and they get heat sick? Her eldest pet can’t even tolerate the heat much anymore. She lives in the south where it’s so incredibly hot. Finally, she decided to supply herself with some peace of mind and bought a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat allows to her monitor and maintain the climate control the entire time she’s at work. The app on her smartphone sounds if there is any concern at all with the system, from changing an air filter to troubles keeping the condo cool. She may even control the humidistat to ensure the condo is the right level of humidity.  At least, this addition to her Heating, Ventilation and A/C method can increase the value of the home!

temperature control