The fish need good HVAC

I’ve been keeping a fish tank since I was just a young boy for over 14 years. I’ve moved this tank from one house to the next. My roommates are constantly a little baffled by it, even though I adore my little fish, but i find caring for them is both great plus a great reminder to do other things I can otherwise forget around the house. Now that I live in my house which I do need to tank care of, weekly fish care reminds me to also do weekly house care. My fish really need to have their filters changed plus cleaned, the rocks scrubbing, plus the entire tank vacuumed. As wild as it sounds, the house is not that unusual from this fish tank. While they have their water cleaned out and heated through a filtration plus gas furnace, my house has its air cleaned and heated through our HVAC system. Every other week, I need to change the air filters out again, once that is done, I need to go outside and hose off the condenser, however cleaning the condenser means taking out any debris from storms or overgrown plants, cleaning the coils, wiping down the blades plus straightening them if they are damaged. I might even need to add some gravel to level off the HVAC condenser system, however the condenser is easy to forget, since this part of your heating, ventilation plus A/C unit is outside plus often ignored, however but keeping the condenser clean plus clear ensures reasonable airflow for the HVAC program inside your residence So the same day I change my fish tank filter so they have clean water, I job on my house’s HVAC program so the people I was with and I can have clean air also.

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