The furnace works great

Working out in the hot sun takes a lot out of me. I am so weak when it comes to being super hot. I was born and living in the north, and I have only been hanging down here in the south for about 1 year and I can’t get used to it! Living up in the colder conditions, I had never even lived in a beach house that had an air conditioning plan. All of us just simply had no need for them, all all of us had in our old lake house was a heated gas furnace and that’s it. I enjoy to go on runs for a work out, and I don’t know how people do it down in the south though. I get so hot whenever I go on a long run. Most of the times I can’t even make it in the run without overheating. Most of the time running back home and lounging in the cooling system equipment is the thing I look forward to at these moments. Sadly for myself and others our cooling system equipment does not appear to be actually working. I have undoubtedly no idea on how to repair it and I don’t even know of any nearby Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair companies that could help myself and others out. Maybe I am just not meant to be in a hot climate. After doing some research online, I know that I have found a company that I am going to get to do the HVAC repair for me. I found some good reviews online about them.