The house is gorgeous

My acquaintance is finally taking the step towards making his side work a full time reality, for years, he’s been living off a soul-sucking office job that he entirely loathes, and however, the pay is enjoyable as well as it lets him fund the thing he enjoys most–woodcraft. From furniture to enjoyable decor, my  acquaintance does it all. He wants to get into doing custom decor as well as countertops, which he knows he has the skill for. However, this would mean taking it to a point where his customer base will need him to work all throughout the year, however while he can make a lot of furniture in his garage, the sealants as well as coatings needed for countertops require a place with a lot more ventilation as well as space for the chemicals to go elsewhere, so he’s not breathing them in all of the time. Fortunately, he might have found the answer, since a friend of a friend has this massive outdated metal barn for his farmhouse, from the times when major harvesting device was still in use; The owner has agreed to let my acquaintance rent out the space for a small fee every month. The venue is massive, just like an aeroplane hangar. He’ll need to invest in a space heating system as well as an air cleaner to keep everything clean, however the space alone will provide him the increased air flow he needs to pursue his work, and i can’t wait to see what he does now that he has the exact level of indoor air conditions as well as HVAC needs to take his woodwork project to the next level. I’m going to hire him to make our family room counters as soon as he has the new electric gas furnace setup.