The HVAC changes fast

I have been married around 30 years.  Many times I get a strange look because I see to be so young.  I have to admit though, I am way older than I look. Harry & I got married super young & although we have been together for so long, I feel like it was yesterday.  This happens in many parts of our lives. Both of us have resided in the same home for over a few years and we first bought it, we did a major change over. I still find myself telling people we just put in all new windows. But, that was twenty numerous years ago.  When they say that life happens in the in a blink, it honestly does! This topic came up the other day when I asked my husband Harry if we should consider upgrading our boiler. Both of us put in the 1 we have now when we bought the home & aside from one time, we have never honestly done any maintenance on it. The system that we never pay any close mind too to our heat source is a bit odd.  My husband insists that there is no need to do anything although I am genuinely certain that we could put 1 in that is far more efficient now. Modern technology has put improvements so much that we could save significantly on our annual price, however yeah, there would be an investment in the new equipment. Over time it would pay for itself with lower utility bills.

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