The HVAC choices

I love having the ability to travel.  I can’t believe all of the different cultures that I have seen.  The scenery is so different from anything you see here in the states.  There is always some new kind of food to try, different people to meet, and always a new adventure.  Not only do I enjoy myself while traveling, but I return home with a new energy and a newfound respect and awe of the country I live in.  There are so many nations that are constantly struggling. It is very hot in some of the countries I have visited. There is no air conditioning for most of the people.  Last time I was traveling, I was in a country where it was so hot and humid that I felt like I was going to suffocate. I couldn’t understand how these people were able to survive without air conditioning.  It was only where tourists were staying that there was any air conditioning. I was talking to one of the local women, and I asked how she survived the heat and humidity. She told me that it was something she had become accustomed to.  I told her that I had my AC running, even though I was not at home. She kind of frowned at me when I told her that my animals needed the AC as much as I. Since they had to stay home and wait for the dog sitter during the day, I wanted them to remain comfortable.  She thought I was just wasting my energy and misusing my air conditioning.

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