The HVAC contractor selling things

I am not the smartest person in the world, but I know that sometimes you need to think before you buy something at a yard sale.  My best friend wanted to buy a space heater for her garage. She had gone to a yard sale and she found an actual heater that she thought would perfect for the garage area she wanted to heat.  If it had been an electric heater, she wouldn’t have burned her garage down, but it wasn’t an electric heater. She purchased a gas heater. I asked her what kind of gas it used and she looked at me oddly.  She didn’t know there was a choice. She said she planned on using it with her propane tanks. She thought that should be okay. Later that afternoon, I was talking to my husband who is a HVAC technician. He told me about the dangers of using a gas heater with a propane tank if it was set up to work with natural gas.  I told him what she was planning on doing and he was a bit upset. He said that propane and natural gas have different weights. They both require different orifices to get the correct amount of gas into the heater so it would work safely. Using the wrong orifice could result in getting too much gas into the heater and possibly causing it to blow up.  Either way, she was looking at a fire hazard. An hour later, she was running into my house. My husband grimaced as he heard her cry for help. The gas heater had caught fire and it was burning down her garage.

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