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With Christmastime approaching rapidly many people are looking for ways to help out those who are less fortunate.  The missions and churches downtown are always in dire need of added volunteers as well as more funding to make this time special for people who normally don’t have much throughout the year.  I stopped off by a local food bank to see how I could help out, they had a list of ways to help out as well as a single one of the items on this list caught our attention. They has a link posted to make donations to help cover the high expenses for the energy bills.  I thought this was a good plan because people can actually participate even if they don’t have time to go to in person to help out. I copied the web link into our iphone as well as then posted it on our social media page to help spread the message. This will help the soup bedroom a lot because they will be able to afford to keep the locale nice and warm.  Their building is used as an emergency shelter for entirely chilly mornings to get people off the frozen streets as well as having electricity as well as gas to run the HVAC plan is crucial. I am doubly sure that the energy bills add up hastily as well as as a non-profit, they are so dependent upon the generosity of others to keep the locale running. All of the staff, with the possible exception of the director, are volunteers too.  Many of the local churches send groups to assist with cooking, cleaning, as well as even serving the meals. I always recognize fortunate that I have a toasty warm beach house as well as a safe locale to be on a chilly Wintertide night. If I can assist, even a little, to make someone else recognize the same I am cheerful to do this.

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