The HVAC was bought perfectly

Ductless heating, ventilation, & A/C is for real the best investment I’ve made… Now I don’t live in a mansion by any stretch – in fact, my house is genuinely smaller than the average home in town, and still, I prefer my little house, as it’s just enough for me to be happy. Since I live in a coastal town about halfway up the mountains, I get most of the seasons in all of their glory! That also means I get really strong heat in the summer, bad pollen irritations in the Spring & my share of snow in the winter… When I first moved here, I was told that I should try to find a house that uses ductless heating, ventilation, & A/C, which I thought was odd if not dumb! Why get a home that has air conditioning & gas furnaces, but no HVAC duct? Then the treated air just circulates in a limited space, right? Well, that’s not necessarily the case here, and like I said, my little house is pretty small, with the living room, dining room & kitchen all being part of the same space. Ductless heating, ventilation, & A/C is genuinely perfect for my little place, as I use a ductless mini-split plan to keep the whole place cool & hot depending on the time of year, it’s a rare thing for me to be caught up in a blizzard or heat wave, in which case I have a portable window-mounted air conditioning system for that and a fireplace to supply support to the mini-cut system. I’m over the moon I decided to trust the Heating & A/C repair specialist when he came to my house & gave a consultation! If not for him, I would’ve most likely decided to get central heating, ventilation, & A/C. I would’ve spent a fortune in HVAC duct installation, & way too much on my electric bill every month!

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