The longest car ride

My family goes on vacation every year for one week, usually in July or August, at a timeshare we’ve owned since I was just a year old.  It’s always a great time, we invite our family and friends from all over the country to come and cram together into two 3-bedroom condos.  My favorite part of having everyone together like this is the different foods everybody cooks throughout the week. That and of course getting to see all my friends and family that I only get to see this one time a year.  The only downfall to our vacation is having to drive for hours to get there. I hate being in the car, I’ve always had an issue with motion sickness and it’s the worst when i’m in the car. I can’t do anything to distract myself either because if I don’t focus on the road I get extremely nauseous!  One year, an hour into our trip, the air conditioner went out. I thought I had problems before, but when that car started to heat up my belly started to churn worse than it ever had before. We stopped at the next truck stop to try and find ways to ease the heat until the trip was over. My cousin and I put on bathing suits, and my dad found some water bottle fans.  Although this helped a little, we were still melting and uncomfortable. It definitely didn’t help that my dads car was black. Thankfully, my dad took the car that afternoon to a shop to get the air conditioner looked at. It didn’t take too long for the shop to figure out the problem and get the air conditioner working like new for us.

cooling system