The poop smell and using an air purifier

My newborn has his own little space in the house. The space smells so bad that I can hardly sit to walk in it now. My fiance plus I have tried to get rid of the dirty diaper smell, however it is not finally working. All the dirty diapers are instantly removed plus taken to the outside trash. Every one of us have tried cleaning the room plus adding a diffuser in there. No matter what, the space smells just like baby poop. I have looked around online plus I found that air purification systems can remove smells from the air quality. I recognizably researched about dirty diapers plus found the there are air cleaners that can help with this. The air cleaner can target the icky smell in our air quality plus the condo will smell fresh again. I suppose that my fiance plus I have to get this air cleaner. I suppose you can get an air purification system that stands on its own plus a single that installs in the heating plus a/c equipment. What a single would job better? The sit up air cleaner model could literally be next to the problem. Also, I suppose it would not petrify our baby at all. I believe love a single that installs into the HVAC would job way better though. When the air blows out of the HVAC, it would be cleaned through the air purification system. That seems love a more powerful air cleaning method. I have loosely thought about buying both. I am desperate to remove that smell from my indoor air conditions.

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