The poor a/c unit

My family has constantly lived in a rural area, and when I was a kid, the closest neighbor was at least 5 miles away. The five of us had plenty of chickens, cows, plus other farm animals. The family had 15 Acres of fields with assorted varieties of corn, potatoes, carrots, plus alfalfa and other vegetables and herbs. When they built a shopping center in the town, things started to change. The area had more homes and dwellings plus more people. The roads used to be dirt, plus now they are paved with speed limit signs and concrete. Now I have neighbors scattered everywhere, with our closest neighbor being less than 1 mile away. Plus, last weekend was the start of hunting season! My particular house is near the middle of our property, with one of the sidse with trees plus a giant wooded area; just beyond the wooded area is the state hunting land. Then around three in the afternoon, I heard a loud metal bang outside. I ran out doors, although I didn’t see or hear anything. I could here guns firing in the distance, however they didn’t sound near at all. After looking around, I finally observed a giant bullet hole in the side of the air conditioner condenser unit. I could not even believe that someone shot so close to the house. The air conditioner condenser was pierced, although I didn’t see the bullet anywhere. I called the Game Warden, State Police, plus the heating and A/C company. I had the air conditioner checked, just to be sure it was still operable. The game warden plus state police came out plus took pictures. The bullet could have hit someone in the yard, just as insanely easily as it hit the air conditioner. I still cannot suppose the air conditioner was hit by a stray bullet. It’s an actually alarming thought.