The present and the ductless HVAC

I have a absolutely fantastic plan for a Christmas gift for my mother.  I want to get my mother a ductless mini split for her upstairs bedroom. I want my mother to be able to have cooling all year around since she is going through menopause right now. It is horrible for her and my father, as my mother wants the A/C on and at full blast all day long and night.  My father puts his foot down in the evening, he does not want a/c blowing on him while he sleeps. My mother says that she is dying at night though. I guess the ductless a/c is just what she needs. My parents don’t even share a room either. I could have the HVAC duct sealed off in her individual bedroom only.  Then, the ductless mini split could be fitted right onto her wall. She can have A/C pumping all night long without affecting the whole house or my father. It would save quite a bit in energy bills and I suppose my dad would love not being cold anymore. My mother’s hot flashes come and go too. If she wants the A/C to turn off, the ductless a/c can be turned off by her iPhone. A smart temperature control could even learn when she wants A/C and when she does not. It could be that simple for her. The issue will be getting the ductless mini split in the house without my mom or dad knowing. There are quite a bit of steps I need to do. This gift is not exactly subtle either. How do I sneak in a whole heating, ventilation, and A/C system? I wonder if the heating, ventilation, and A/C corporation has done this before.

ductless heating and air