The temperatures changing under the ground

When I bout a basement house I knew I would miss having windows but what I did not realize was how different the temperature underground would be. It never easily warms up down there, however my lake house stays at about sixty five degrees all of the time. I’m easily not that far underground, just one floor below ground level yet it is so different than most apartments. When I first moved it I was worried that there were no windows in which to put my window a/c unit, and the house has central heating plus air although I am typically hot, especially when I sleep, so I typically add a window a/c unit, and seeing that this was not feasible, I began looking for alternatives. Unfortunately it turns out that I don’t need additional a/c. In fact, I bought my first space furnace the other day. I don’t want to use the central heat because as I mentioned earlier, I like to keep my study room cold! However, I don’t love the residing room at 60 degrees; Living underground like this will take some getting used to but I think that I can make it work. I also know that I will save a ton on my electric bills since my unit is not running typically. Even with the added heater, I am using a lot less electricity now. Besides, there is no sun to wake me up in the day when I want to sleep in. It feels super safe plus comfy down here: like a bear in hibernation. I can’t know I didn’t discover subterranean housing before.