The thermostat is off on temperature

My family is genuinely hurting for cash since my hubby lost his job. He had been searching for another, but has not found anything as of yet. I know he genuinely needs support from the family financially and emotionally right now. My hubby is not a hard worker so I do know it will be difficult for him to get a job, but he needs to stop being lazy plus take action to find a new 1, while he has been out of work, I am doing everything I can around the home to save money! That is why when I saw our monthly energy bill was double this month I was a little bit upset. I had been genuinely wonderful and good about not letting the heating as well as cooling system run all afternoon and also I didn’t turn the heat on at night, however so I called a local Heating as well as A/C supplier to send a certified heating and cooling specialist to come out and actually look at our Heating and our A/C system to make sure that nothing bad was going on. The Heating and the A/C contractor told me that our temperature control thermostat that sits on our wall wasn’t working properly and also was displaying the wrong temperature all the time. This meant that while I thought the cooling system was turned down, it genuinely was not and the people I was living with and I were wasting money the whole entire time on the energy bills. I am blissful and very much so over the moon and the sky that I actually and truly caught this before it started to get majorly out of hand!

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