The thermostat issues

My lovely girlfriend as well as I have been spending the evening in her apartment, and her apartment is a tiny amount greater than mine, as well as she doesn’t have a roommate! Everytime every one of us stay at our venue, my roommate is in my business. Either she wants to hang out as well as talk, or she asks my girlfriend the most inappropriate questions. She actually gets on our nerves sometimes, however she always pays her share of the rent on time. Pretty much ever since the woman is trustworthy as well as dependable, I put up with some of her different personality quirks. My girlfriend as well as I spend a lot of time at her apartment, and as of late we have been talking about moving into a venue together… I would like to live with our girlfriend, however we don’t agree on the indoor temperatures. It might seem a bit odd to some people, however it’s a giant deal to me. I like the indoor temperatures to be super chilly at all times. The slightest hot air or humid day makes me feel bizarre and totally out of sorts. My girlfriend doesn’t mind increasing the thermostat, however she complains a lot about our frosty indoor temperatures. I am a bit scared that every one of us will constantly argue about the thermostat settings. My girlfriend and I can take a break right now, if every one of us feel irritated with each other. If I’m too cold as well as she doesn’t want to adjust the thermostat, I can go back to our venue for a while. It won’t be like that, if we get a venue together. I’m not sure that either a single of us are ready to compromise on our indoor air temperatures and the thermostat settings.

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