The tune-up and how it works

The bitterly cold sunrises here are brutal, especially in the middle of the major wintertime season that we tend to get. I can’t remember a winter when we went over a single digit. In that same winter, I try to get up early to start the daily mountains of laundry. Honestly, I love being able to have a load in the dryer, before the kids get up for the day. One of my favorite winter things is hot clothes right out of the dryer, as the extra heat helps save on our electric bills since we can keep the heat down low. And, while the house is quite chilly in the mornings, every one of us always will tend to turn up the heater to much.  By, pre-adjusting the gas furnace in the early morning, my kids were costing this family a sizable fortune for utility allowances in our budget. I knew I needed a new heating plan to not break our bank account. This website suggested using the dryer as an alternative heating source for your family. That is when I began getting up early in order to do a batch of laundry. I immediately noticed the warmth on the first day I tried this trick. I didn’t mind starting our laundry first thing in the morning, because laundry is our number one chore and it felt like I was getting a great start! I couldn’t believe it, when I started to notice that our heating system wasn’t cycling as often as it did before I tried this trick. I knew that meant savings on our bills and more for vacation. After more than two months of using the dryer in the morning, I celebrated the major savings on our electric bill. Our normal February heating bill is close to $350. It was now closer to $250, after using the heating system less as suggested. Most people laugh when I say the dryer is our alternative heating unit for the house. It works well plus saves us money for our vacation fund. I still cannot find any other way to help the a/c in the summer just yet, however at least every one of us can save money in the winter. Being cold is no fun!

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