There’s no need to worry in here

There are a handful of things that I do which are without a doubt strenuous on my body; one of them being that I have a tendency to not eat all day long and then indulge in one large meal around 10 P.M. when I’m past starving. It’s quite awful because this habit for sure makes me feel quite “off” throughout the day and sporadically convinces me that I’m full-on sick, but it’s the only way I feel my brain stays focused all day long. I also have a fondness for filling my body with tequila and cigarettes – especially when I’m not doing so well.  My biggest concern is the winter season – it is so long and dreary. The sun isn’t out for what feels like five months – this is hard on me mentally which is usually why my tequila and cigarette intake rises. The biggest issue, besides destroying my body for an incredibly long time, is that the chilly air outdoors is simply too difficult to handle for my delicate immune system to handle. All the cold, dry air whipping around with the snow and ice outside does not help my internal respiratory system and leaves me overly susceptible to illness! When I add in my really bad habits of cigarettes and tequila to pass the time of seasons, my deteriorating body doesn’t stand a chance because before you know it, I’m alternating between hot and cold, shivering, and covered in goosebumps. It’ll be at least a week before I look better physically, and another four weeks before the fog in my mental state clears out.  

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