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When my boyfriend wanted to move in with me, the two of us easily discussed adding a room to my cottage for his two kids. My Cottage only had two bedrooms, plus the two of us entirely wanted the kids to feel like they would be welcome there with us. The two of us immediately started to work on a large screened room that would have a sofa as well as entertainment area. Since the room was towards the back side of our Cottage, the two of us easily had a lot of shade from the tall oak trees towering over the backyard. The two of us entirely work fastidiously, in order to get the room ready for the first visit with the two kids. My boyfriend plus myself entirely had everything ready for them, plus even bought a set of bunk beds for the girls. We even thought ahead, plus made sure that we bought a small window air conditioner for the room. The window air conditioner worked pretty well, plus it would clearly keep the kids cool when they were over for the weekend. The best part about the window air conditioner, was not having to use the same when the kids weren’t there. We simply turned off the air conditioner when the kids left on Sunday, plus it didn’t have to turn the air conditioner back on until several weeks later. The kids entirely loved the room, plus seemed to enjoy the fact that we made something just for them. Our first visit went tremendously well, plus I think we’ll all be happy in my Cottage.

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