Thinking about hiding out in the a/c

I really enjoy a nice beach day. If you’ve ever been to the southern part of our country, you guess that the summertime temperatures easily get warm down there, and occasionally it feels as if stepping right into a oil furnace! That’s due to the Summer time sun is so sizzling plus the high temperatures are so dang hot down south for the summer! This past Summer time when I went to the sand, the temperature outside was at a record all time high. The stores plus the shops that I visited all had their control device units turned down as low as they would go without freezing them over. I mean, near everyone had their cooling plan blasting at full speed because it was just so hot outside. I don’t guess what I was pondering, though. I thought that even though the temperatures outside were so much, it was still a nice plan for me to go beach in the heat! The check out clerk at the local store warned me about the high temperatures plus she told me that she thought I should just go back to the hotel plus rest in the a/c for the day instead. Oh yeah, that sounded pretty nice to me. However though, had made the trip so that I could do a beach day! And I was dead set to go to the sand plus get a tan. Well I ended up getting sunburned in a moment plus hiding in the A/C anyway.

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