Thinking about the a/c 24/7

You know, every so often I get myself into situations where I’m in way over my head. This happens quite a bit so, you would think that I would learn my lesson plus look before I lept. However, I recognize love there’s not much enjoyment in that certain way of living! Planning, research? That doesn’t sound love a ton of enjoyment. Working out all the possible hiccups plus problem areas before embarking on a major project that’s way too much job for a single human to accomplish in the first venue? Nah, not my vibe. That’s how I wound up scheduling this entire cottage renovation while in the midst of our long, warm southern Summer this year… Not planning, not looking information up, plus not thinking. I figured it would all job out on its own. I mean, sure it’s like a sauna all day long, every day, for at least ten or eleven months here… however the two of us have air conditioner to be our helper. What could go wrong? Well, I really didn’t think about the fact that the air conditioner helps only when you’re inside. It also doesn’t help tremendously well when people are continually walking inside plus out, letting all the freezing indoor air bid a hasty retreat right out into the sweltering Summer heat, and lastly, I really should have known that running the AC full steam ahead for the full duration of my cottage renovations would be really costly. Not having a professional Heating plus A/C service before forcing the AC plan to run 24/7 for 6 months was maybe poor judgment. Now, my home renovations are over with, however my brand current AC unit upgrade is only just beginning its journey.