This furnace is incredible

If you’ve got never worked in a cubicle farm you probably never knew that some of them are very uncomfortable. The climate control system in the office are usually controlled but a single thermostat per floor. Obviously this is not ideal there are invariably people on the same floor that have different HVAC preferences. I believe that the ductless mini-split system may just be an elegant solution. A ductless mini-split is actually a small furnace that operates with no ductwork. They can be installed inside the ceiling the floor or also the walls. Each ductless mini-split system is usually set up with its very own thermostat. I realize that it could be impractical to install ductless mini-split above every last cubicle. However if they were to put a couple throughout the floor of the office then at least there might be a couple different climate atmospheres. They could install several different thermostats to regulate the ductless mini splits for people’s atmospheres. Currently it is most common per floor to be run on a single furnace as all the other floors with only the sole thermostat. I think that this old manner of heating an office space is archaic and unfair to your employees. When I go to work I want to be comfortable and I want my fellow employees to get comfortable. When you are uncomfortable working, your work suffers. So if our company was smart they would invest in new HVAC technology to allow their employees to work better. A better work environment would produce higher productivity. I think that a relaxed atmosphere for everyone would go a considerable way to making this happen.

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