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Just the other day, our girlfriend and I went to this party. Well when every one of us got there, it was way too hot inside the house. I asked about the temperature control settings and was told that the Heating and A/C system was not laboring. I questioned why they were having a party with no laboring A/C and they said it literally broke down that same day. I assume I could understand that however there was no way I was going to hang out inside an hot apartment on a blazing tepid day, I didn’t care who was there. I told our friends there that something came up and every one of us had to go. Instead, I took our girlfriend to her number one eating establishment. This place features live rock n roll as well so every one of us were able to relax in an air conditioned environment and loved the rock n roll and delicious food. I almost felt bad for the people who stayed at that party, however I figured they certainly made excuses to leave as well. If I were going to host a party and our Heating and A/C component broke down, I would have to call off the whole thing! There is no way I would try to make people suffer from bad air quality. That would absolutely ruin the party and I’m sure people would hesitate about coming to any future parties you were going to have. Well, every one of us just enjoyed our evening and then went back home to our reliable A/C machine. I asked our girlfriend if she thought that party was still going on, and she told myself and others not a chance with their non-laboring A/C equipment. We decided to just watch a movie and then go to bed.

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