This guy is very handy

When you are working from home, meeting people is not effortless. I have a few colleagues, but finding a guy is next to useless. I don’t want to online date or meet a man at a bar. The gym I go to is most likely geared towards older men too, so the only men I meet are the men who come to perform repairs at my house, my electrical repairman is married with three teenageres. My plumber is around 300 pounds and is noticeably hairy. My HVAC serviceman has some possibility. Is he Chris Hemsworth level hot? Nope, although he is handsome. He is gainfully employed and seems real mannerable. I have not seen a ceremonial ring and never heard a mention of a spouse but on my next HVAC tune up, I am going to ask him out! What is the worst that can happen? There are other HVAC specialist in my area. I will just get a new HVAC company if he shuts myself and others down. If the man wants to go out and it is prosperous, I will have a HVAC serviceman as a boyfriend! That really would be truly helpful. I would never need to pay for air conditioner services or oil furnace repairs again. I could just depend on my super handy, talked guy to do it. I also suppose there are a lot of energy saving suggestions that I am not doing with my HVAC system. My HVAC serviceman could help myself and others with this. I hope he says he’s cool with the date and is not a total loser. I care about the reasoning of dating a guy with useful skills.

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