This heater is awesome

My uncle lives in an seasoned brick beach house on the far side of a rural suburb in the southern midwest.  His beach house has seen better nights although he diligently maintains it to the best of his abilities. He put on a brand up-to-date roof all by himself last year plus just a month ago he finished painting the exterior walls.  His new project is digging out a koi pond he says he hopes to beach house with frogs plus varying color koi fish plus then build extensive plant structures surrounding the pound weaving in plus out of oddly placed rocks that wrap half of the whole structure plus form a sort of wall.  He says he wants to have a waterfall coming out of the top of that plant plus rock wall at some point when everything is finished. He usually had his Heating and A/C respectfully diagnosed but for some reason it slipped by his mind for several weeks while he was toiling away outside on multiple projects.  When he had to travel abruptly for a job conference, he left his humble abode confident that everything would be the same when he returned. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case–his drip line on his air conditioning system, which carries plus empties the water that is collected during the cooling process, had slowly formed a clog plus it backed up in his house.  He had to have a mold remediation team come plus tear up his carpet plus treat his flooring with chemicals. Thankfully the mold growth was minimal since he had only been away for a week. He made the necessary repairs plus installed ultra violet lights in his air handler to help purify any potential spores still in the air. He legitimately l acquired his lesson when it comes to keeping up on Heating and A/C repair.  

A/C repair