This heater is out of date

My husband Jonathan is completely head over heels for hockey. He can’t get enough of the sport. Solely to make him happy, our family transforms into a clan of hockey fans when the season comes around. For away games, Jonathan and I invite a lot of our friends and family over to watch the game with us. It’s always made into a big event in our house. When there is a home game to go to, we dress ourselves and the kids up in jerseys and go to the arena to watch the game. Jonathan and I have been season pass holders for over five years now. I didn’t even pay attention to hockey before Jonathan. I learned to love it to make him happy. When our first date was a hockey game, I knew I had to learn to love it if I wanted to be with him. Now I love hockey all on my own. I love how fast the games move along and how involved I am right up to the end of the game. The only thing I could live without are the cold arena temperatures. Unfortunately, hockey needs ice, so the arena needs to stay at freezing temperatures to create a safe surface for the players. I know it makes sense, but I can’t stand how cold it always is in there. During each game I find myself shivering so much that my back starts to hurt. My kids can’t stand it either, and they make it known to me. To combat this, I try to make sure everyone is dressed warmly before we get in the car, but when it’s summer it can be hard to remember to prepare for the cold. As the years go by, I get better and better about it during each home game. Still though, I much prefer away games. We get to enjoy a hockey game from the comfort of our own home where I have complete control over the thermostat. Still, I will happily soldier through a home game if it means Jonathan is happy.

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