This indoor air feels good

Homeowners are usually shocked when their HVAC unit quits.  Whether it is in the winter and your furnace went out on a very cold day, or the air conditioner stopped sending out the chilled, conditioned air.  Neither situation is good, especially if your region is experiencing some extreme temperatures at the same time as your HVAC breakdown. Your furnace not working on possibly the coldest day of the year can actually be a very dangerous situation, by leaving you and your family without heat on such a cold day, and we’ve all heard stories about an air conditioning system that went down in the southern heat.  Also a very potentially dangerous HVAC breakdown. Depending on where it is you live, if your air conditioning system just shut down and refused to send out cool air in the summertime, you could be looking at hotel costs, along with HVAC repairs. The signs of a malfunctioning HVAC unit aren’t always easy to see, but here’s a couple to take note of, just in case you find yourself trying to understand why you are so warm.  Your air conditioner isn’t just for cooling, it also dehumidifies your home so if you ever notice windows fogging and your house feeling a bit stuffy, that is a sure sign that your HVAC unit is not keeping the moisture levels down in your home. Hiring an HVAC professional to come clean and inspect your system will eliminate that humidity problem and a clicking or grinding noise from your outside condenser should warrant a phone call to an HVAC professional immediately!