This is a big problem

The last time I attempted to keep my home air conditioned in the summer, I racked up bills the likes of which I’d never seen… I wouldn’t call myself a cheap guy, really, but that instance just somehow seemed like a big waste to me. From that point on, I gave up on A/C units. Truth be told, I didn’t have much trouble with the heat anyway, so it didn’t feel like I was even giving anything up. When my girlfriend moved in a few years ago, we started doing A/C in the summers again. She wasn’t into the whole ‘there’s-no-A/C-in-here-ever’ vibe I was putting down. Not one little bit. She bought a window A/C unit for the bedroom right off the bat. That worked for a while and was less money to run than a larger system like the one I had. That didn’t stop her trying to convince me to run it, though. Over the years, we eventually had to replace the heating system in the house, and she seized her moment to get herself some central air conditioning as well. At that point I was spoiled, used to the A/C, and the actual cost of installing it along with what we were already doing with our HVAC system, was minimal. I guess you could say she kind of turned me a one eighty. Let me just say, that did not go unnoticed. I got a good bit of teasing for my sudden and apparently random change of heart.

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