This is concerning to me

Working out in the heated sun takes a big toll on me. I am a weak person when it comes to being super hot. I was birthed as well as raised in the north, as well as I have only been living down here in the south for about 1  year as well as I can’t get used to it! Living up in the north, I had never even resided in a lake house that had an air conditioning unit. The people I was with and I just really had no need for them, then all we had in our older lake house was a heated gas oil furnace as well as that’s about it. I savor to go on jogs for exercise, as well as I don’t guess how people do it down in the south. I get so warm whenever I go on a jog. Most of the times I can’t even make it half of a loop until I am sweating. Most of the time going back home as well as hanging in the cooling system unit is the thing I look forward to at these jogs, however sadly for me our a/c system unit does not seem to be going right. I have particularly no clue on how to repair it as well as I don’t even guess of any local Heating as well as A/C repair companies that could assist me a bit. Perhaps I am just not meant to be a southern gal. After doing some research on the web, I guess that I have found a dealer that I am going to have come over to do the AC repair. All of the reviews say they are very positive.