This is my suggestion

There has never been a worse time for dating as there is now, especially if you have a condition like mine. For me, once I go on a first date, I am even worse at getting a second one. I know sometimes it is because of my crazy hair, or maybe even the way I talk. But most of the time, it is because of the fact that I have a overacting sweating problem. If I become even a bit overheated, I start to sweat uncontrollably! The doctors have tried to treat it time and time again, but alas, they have not found a cure! Because of this, I usually have first dates in my air conditioned apartment. I have a highly functioning Heating and Cooling system installed in my home and I keep the thermostat turned as low as I can stand to avoid sweating. There was one time that my air conditioner actually broke. I had someone over for a date. I really liked him and saw a lot of potential with him. We were comfortably seated at the dinner table when I noticed how hot it was. I could not believe the timing for the cooling system to break down! When I began to feel sweat dripping down my face, I tried to explain to him that I have a condition and my cooling system must have broken. By the end of the date I was completely drenched. I did not get a second date. I had the cooling system fixed as fast as possible, however, the damage was too severe to be undone. At least in this situation, I can blame the HVAC unit for the failed date and not myself! Maybe at this point I should just accept that I am better off without someone else.

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