This is truly a horrible experience

Alright, I’m going to tell you first that I have a very strong stomach. My co-workers often tell me I have an iron gut, which works well for me. See, I work for a post-disaster clean-up team, which means we get sent to clean up homes and businesses after a natural disaster. We also get called to clean up crime scenes on occasion, which can really test the fortitude of my co-workers! As I said, virtually nothing could actually bother me enough to make me sick – up to this point. We were called to clean up at a house that belonged to a hoarder, who was evicted due to failure to pay the mortgage and failure to maintain the home’s cleanliness. We were warned to wear air-tight suits, which meant we were going to deal with filth from every possible angle. Well, we arrived to the house and found that the former owner had intentionally destroyed the piping in the basement the day before we came, which caused a portion of the house to flood with water. There were two inches of brown, bug and rodent-filled water on the first floor of the house, and we quickly found that the basement was completely filled to the ceiling. We had to call a plumbing team to shut off the water and assist in using wet vacuums to pull all the water from the basement. As we suctioned water from the basement, we realized that everything in the basement was covered in human waste! The smell had become so strong, we all could smell it through our suits and masks. Finally, my co-workers pointed and laughed as I walked out of the house to vomit in the grass. I can stomach all kinds of things, but a basement literally full of poop is where I draw the line!

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