Toilet not draining right

I am so happy that my mom’s ex-partner Randy is out of our lives. Randy was the worst person ever. Randy was lazy, a cheater and quite dumb. Before Randy brought the divorce to my mom, the guy charged up all the ATM cards. Randy bought a bunch of stuff for his new truck. Then, filed for a split. As part of the split, they had to pay a portion of the debt they accrued. My mom got stuck paying for her man’s shopping spree. The worst was what Randy did to their house. Randy was living in the apartment until he lost it in the divorce. Before Randy left that guy dumped went cement down the drains in the home. The study room drain, bathroom sink, the tub and even the toilet all got cement dumped down them. The cement then got real hard and blocked the pipes. You can’t use the toilet, take a shower, use the study room bathroom or any sort of plumbing item in the house. How horrible is that? My mom was planning on selling the house. My poor mother can’t do this now because of the cement. What my mom will need to do is have a plumbing contractor head in and completely gut the pipes and plumbing in the house. All the old piping with cement has to be torn out. Then current piping is set up in each item. The cost of the piping set up will be so high. Can’t sell a house without plumbing.

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