Totally screwed on an air conditioner

A so called friend recently scammed me and did it hard! It hurts and is worse than being scammed by a random person, this has happened to me just last week, and it’s not the first time although I promise you it will for certainly sure be the last time! I have known this so called friend for over half my life, and I suppose I am the dummy for expecting him to treat me with respect! More the fool was I, as the old timers say; Now I am debating if I should go the better business bureau and make him pay for it out of his pocket, but i absolutely did need a brand new up to date Heating & Air Conditioning system, that part he was not lying to me about. This heating and cooling machine was well over 16 years old, many years beyond its natural lifespan, so it needed a quick replacing, but also, it needed a quick replacing with a central Heating & Air Conditioning machine that absolutely worked. The ancient one might have been crappy, but at least it heated and cooling the house a little bit. This current Heating & Air Conditioning machine is dead on arrival, and will not even turn on, but my so called buddy says I bought it “as is” whatever that means! He never mentioned to me that i was buying a used and refurbished Heating & Air Conditioning system, or that I had agreed to buy it without even testing if it worked or not, but basically, I have been scammed into buying a useless heating and cooling machine but someone claiming to be a friend, and I absolutely want to get revenge on them.

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