Using a portable air conditioner at each of my stores

As a franchise operator for a popular chain of supplement retailers, I often have to find creative and cost-effective solutions for issues at each of my store locations. I only own three locations in the city, but let me tell you – it isn’t easy being the operator as well as the general manager for all three stores! Since I don’t have money in the budget to hire a store manager for each location, I’m doing all the operational work. Fortunately, this time spent in each store allows me to have an opportunity where I can really check the pulse of the shop and see what is needed. At all three stores, I’ve noticed that there seems to be a big issue with keeping the store cool and comfortable. I don’t know if the properties I’m leasing out are just old or have terrible HVAC systems, but each of my stores feels like they’re at least eighty degrees if not warmer. The solution was fairly simple, as I was able to buy three portable air conditioners – one per store. This particular model had the highest reviews for a “budget” portable A/C device, as the machine also had a built in air purification system to help clean and freshen the air. Rather than pay untold amounts of money to have the heating, ventilation and air conditioning service technicians come and tune up the A/C system, I feel that this portable air conditioner is just what each store needs to cool it down without spending a small fortune.

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